Kira Schacht About me

Data journalist at Deutsche Welle.
Studied data-driven journalism at the Technical University of Dortmund and trained at rbb science. Part of the data journalism initiative Journocode.
Visited BR Data, The Guardian and The Times for internships. Scrapes everything that's not nailed down.

Portfolio My projects and articles

Deutsche Welle
What Hollywood movies do to perpetuate racial stereotypes

What exactly does Hollywood have to say about various ethnic groups? We analyzed the stereotypes in 6637 Oscar-eligible movies.

Deutsche Welle
Oscars: The winning factors to land among the best films

How does the Academy pick an Oscar nominee? Here's which tropes help a movie succeed. Hint: Drama helps. So does alcohol.

Deutsche Welle
Germany's minimum wage is barely above the poverty line

Minimum wage should ensure that full-time workers are not poor. Some EU countries, including Germany, cut that minimum standard awfully close.

Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg
#abgasalarm in Berlin

Many Berliners are exposed to high levels of NO pollution, as measurements by rbb|24 and TU Berlin show.

rbb and mdr
Die Rückkehr der Wölfe

In the past 17 years, wolves have returned to Germany. What are the consequences?

The Guardian
How English is the Eurovision Song Contest

Today, most ESC contestants sing in English. That used to be a lot different. What changed?

The Guardian
Passengers removed from overbooked flights on US airlines – in data

After a video made the rounds a doctor being dragged of a flight, concerns about overbooking flared up. How common is the practice, and which airlines bump the most?

Bayerischer Rundfunk
Rechtes Netz

Investigation into the Facebook network around the right-wing movement "Pegida": Evalutation of the page likes of 5880 profiles who like "Pegida Nürnberg".

Bayerischer Rundfunk
Doping bei Olympia

An analysis of all known doping cases at the Olympic Games athletics competitions by country, gender and year. With input by Hajo Seppelt, doping expert at ARD.

Rheinische Post
Woher die Düsseldorfer kommen

Interactive project on the birthplaces of todays Düsseldorfers. Includes world map and analysis of prominent places.

Image of Florence Nightingale and her Coxcombs

The history of data driven journalism

Far before the first computer was invented, there have been data driven people. A short history of data journalism.

Thesentest: Rechte Parteien im Vergleich

Right-wing parties aren't all the same. Our analysis of party programs shows where their opinions differ – and where they don't.

Events Where you can find me

From Oktober 2018 Freelance data journalist at DW Data
Oct. 2017 – Sept. 2018 Traineeship at Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg.
April 2017 Internships at The Guardian and The Times, London.
July – August 2016 Internship at BR Data, Munich.
October 2015 Founding of the data journalism initiative Journocode